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The Merseyside derby is the name given to football matches between Everton and Liverpool, two major clubs from Liverpool, Merseyside, England.It is the longest running top-flight derby in England, having been played continuously since the 1962–63 season. were founded in 1878 and from 1884 played their home matches at Anfield, which was owned by club chairman John Houlding.There are a number of reasons for the "friendly derby" tag.Firstly the clubs are situated in the north of the city and very close to each other (400m), with only Stanley Park separating the two.The professional clubs of the 1890s attracted much interest among the public, on and off the field.The 1867 Reform Act had given what would become football attending masses the opportunity to vote in the local and national elections. Walking in, the feeling is open plan living yet the bedrooms are still nice and private. Not only do Joburg’s trees combat the greenhouse effect, they help reduce noise in this “urban jungle” 4.Just off the lounge the doors open up onto the patio area which then leads to the terraced garden.

Politics and disputes over money meant that Houlding was increasingly at odds with other members of the Everton board.The result was that in 1892 the Everton directors vacated Anfield and purchased a new ground at Goodison Park on the other side of Stanley Park.Houlding responded by founding a new club to use Anfield: Liverpool.This in turn caused Liverpool to be thought of as Protestant club, not signing an Irish Catholic until Ronnie Whelan in 1979.

However, it should be noted that this notional divide was never seen as a basis for supporting a certain side as is the case with Celtic and Rangers.

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