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Will I receive sedation before going into the operating room? Most patients walk into the operating room themselves. The anesthesiologist may call you the night before to obtain your medical history and to go over instructions related to your surgery.Please make sure Bend Surgery Center has an accurate phone number to assure contact on the day before and the day of surgery.Please do not delay in contacting your surgeon or the Center. If there is any doubt please contact us immediately.Every female patient of childbearing years will have a pregnancy test or be asked to sign a waiver. We require that all patients have a ride home and must have a responsible adult to assist you in your recovery for 24 hours.

Arrange in advance for a responsible adult to pick you up at the center, drive you home and remain with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. You may take a taxi if you have your responsible adult with you.We strongly encourage you to call the Surgery Center in advance so that we can properly prepare to make you comfortable. Please bring any walkers, post-op crutches, hearing aids, etc. We will be assessing your level of pain from the time of admission until you receive our postoperative call at home.Do not hesitate to call and suggest anything that may make your day easier. It is essential that we are able to assess your pain level during your stay.This has nothing to do with nausea and vomiting after your surgery as some think.