Automatic updating cross references

Cross-references can appear anywhere within the document and often take the form of: (See Table A).A cross-reference created in Word can be automatically updated if you later make changes to the document.We've probably all had the frustration of having a reference in your text that says something like "As explained in paragraph 3.1..." and then in the course of editing your document pargraph 3.1 becomes paragraph 3.4 and suddenly your text is wrong.

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[closed] When I create a comment, the words "unknown author" appears in the comment box.You can create a cross-reference to any of the following objects: When a cross-reference is created, a field is inserted into your document identifying the item you are referencing (e.g. In the example (See Table A), you would type the brackets and the word See before inserting Table A as a field, as explained below.Fields are usually updated when a document is opened or printed.In addition, you can manually update a field by pressing the F9 key. Click the Insert reference to: drop down and select the information to be displayed in the cross-reference field 6.