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I think it’s the more obscure ones that would be a lot of fun to do. Shifting gears, a couple of years ago you were in Silent Night, a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night. My agent called me and said, “Hey, they want you for this.It’s just one scene, but it shoots in your hometown of Winnipeg.It’s a remake of a B horror movie.” I heard that Steven Miller was doing it, and he just had a film in South by South West.

He plays a rookie football player named Paul Hewson (Bono's real name), who blows what would have been the game winning kick in an American football game as the ball hit the goal post. It’s this old television show that I loved with Lance Henriksen.I had done [Final Destination] after I did the pilot of Roswell, when I didn’t know if Roswell had been picked up.He’s more on the avenging path, and I’m kind of stuck in the middle, figuring out whether I want to go there. We also had Wass Stevens and Brian Tarantina and Erin Cummings as well, who’s in Astronaut Wives Club, a new show on ABC.

My father was in the mafia, so it’s a lifestyle that didn’t make for a great relationship between the two of us. Everyone worked differently, but it was fun to figure it out and work with them and see just how talented these people are. Originally, it was going to be a scene or two that I had auditioned for, but when the day came around, they decided not to shoot those.

They are really interesting and haven’t been “discovered” by mainstream America.