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“My 18-month-old used to rub herself ferociously during nap time at daycare,” says Toronto mom Carol Armadale.* “Finally, her daycare provider said we had to speak to her about it—apparently, all the other children were watching!” What they need to know If your toddler is in the habit of touching herself at daycare, the grocery store or in front of your moms’ group, gently remind her that we keep our dresses down in public and we take our hands out of our pants, says Johnson.

The Talk is laid out in individual lessons, and each one takes about 15 minutes.The message you want to give to your child is that masturbation is healthy and normal, but something that should be done in the privacy of her own room.One of the questions I get asked fairly regularly is how we handle talking to our kids about sex.There are also questions to ask at the end of each lesson, which also gives way to great conversations most times in our house.

I’ve been telling sex stories on podcasts, on comedy stages and in essays for years now.

This is an excellent time to show them firsthand that parents should always be aware of who is touching them in any way. In our house, we might read these materials with a couple of appropriately aged kids together, but then one of us will make time to talk to each kid individually within the few days following to see if they have questions or concerns.

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