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Technology has made great advances, but facial and voice recognition software is still in its infancy. Thank you for ringing NHS Chatbot, the easy way to diagnose 99 per cent of common medical conditions. Please hold and you will be connected to the next available Chatbot . Some people, too, have trouble using their smartphones for anything other than making calls and sending the odd text. Treatment is free at the point of use, but please be advised that calls are charged at the standard rate of 74p per minute. Please look directly into the screen on your smartphone so your image can be scanned by our facial recognition software. Dollars paid my bills even so was still in debt and didnt have financial convenience.Not only did I not have what I wanted, However the have time to enjoy personal.And given that the mobile phone signal in many parts of the country is still woefully inadequate, how's it going to work — in the middle of a flu epidemic, for example — when millions try to get through to a doctor at the same time? Keep Talking (Romance Game) is a game with 4 levels. Clearly the system is not designed to deal with anyone suffering from a serious condition.

The other, perhaps far more significant, development is the growth in the power of artificial intelligence.Using a whole host of technologies, robots have become far more clever in the last few years – making them able to deal with people’s conversations as well as just performing simple tasks.Much of that technology doesn’t seem to have filtered through to the bots yet, which mostly use multiple choice questions and are still watched over by humans.But the technology is ready to make them important, rather than just fun.

Lots of people have claimed to have seen what our computers are going to be like in the coming years, and almost all of them are wrong.

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