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L., (of an ancient Saxon family) great grandson of John Stratford Collins, Esq., High Sheriff co. Crests—1st: A demi griffin or, collared erm.; 2nd: A dexter arm embowed habited ar. The art of heraldry would be significantly poorer if we were without the lion in all its forms. Vinycomb has much to say on the subject of the griffin, perhaps summarised in his belief that it represents “strength and vigilance”.

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Vert, a griffin segreant or, beaked, legged, and ducally gorged ar. He was the son of Charles, and he descended from John Collins (1616-1670) of Boston. The two most prominent heraldic symbols in the Collins Family Crest are the griffin and the lion. on a chief or, a griffin pass, with wings endorsed per pale sa. of Henry, one of the ushers of Her/His Majesties Chambers, descended from Collins of Shropshire, confirmed October 1612 by Camden 5) Thomas Collins of Collyns, prior of Tywardreth, Cornwall, 16 March 1522, by Writhe 6) Thomas Collins of Brightling, Sussex, by Segar, 1633 (? ) 7) William Collins of Rotterdam, Holland, Burke’s Armory trilogy, 6) William Edward Collins (1867-1911) who was Bishop of Gibraltar, 7) Shirley Elizabeth Collins (1935) who was an English folk singer from Hastings, Sussex, and 7) Susan Margaret Collins (1852) who is a Republican Senator from Maine.Limerick, but were driven out of their country by the Geraldines).

in base a fleur-de-lis or, a chief dancettee of the second, thereon two fleurs-de-lis of the field.

As heraldry developed a whole menagerie of imagined creatures 604 came into being, and their various representations became more or less standardised in form and appearance.