Consolidating emergency management

It also can help smaller hospitals remain competitive and participate in bundling programs such as Medicare’s Bundled Payment for Care Improvement program, which requires a minimum number of cases for financial solvency.“Hospitals today need to think strategically across the continuum of care by partnering with organizations that provide different levels of care,” Warren says.“By evaluating what communities really need, they can define which of their core offerings to focus on, which to outsource through strategic relationships, and how best to deliver those services.”Joint ventures that are not mergers but that create significant alignments between hospitals are increasingly in “vogue,” according to Le Master.The company you have requested information on is a registered Member of The Netcheck Commerce Bureau.The information provided, is supplied by the Member Company and is only to be used for membership confirmation purposes.Smaller outpatient and ambulatory care facilities that directly connect to larger health systems offer multiple ways for health systems to respond to the needs of a community.For example, although most communities need and will support emergency care, many may be better served by an emergency management service rather than by an in-hospital emergency department.He also says activity will continue to be driven by large, for-profit health systems facing a growing need to shed various assets or lines of business.Le Master anticipates that merger transactions will tend to involve predominantly either local organizations consolidating within a single market or regional systems expanding their reach statewide.

“Now, with the move to value-based care and population health models, we’re seeing shifts in how hospitals position themselves strategically, to take advantage of new opportunities to provide high-quality, cost-effective care.”The steady increase in consolidations that began in 2009—with the numbers doubling over the period of 2011 to 2015—showed signs of abating in 2016, with change-of-control transaction announcements down 25 percent, according to Eb Le Master, managing director at Ponder & Co., a Brentwood, Tenn.- based financial advisory firm for not-for-profit healthcare providers.Le Master attributes the slowdown to a variety of factors, including the need for the industry to catch up with the many acquisitions and mergers that have been underway.Other factors Le Master cites include:“The nature of mergers is changing,” Le Master explains. (EDR) provides debt negotiation services to consumers across the country who, for one reason or another, have become unable to pay their debts in a timely or adequate manner.

EDR specializes in negotiating with creditors and collectors to reduce the principal balance of unsecured debt owed by its clients. program can eliminate debts FASTER than debt consolidation and provide its clients the best of all possible worlds: reduce the total dollar amount owed and reduce the payback period while allowing the client to stay in control of their money.

Among the most significant factors driving this activity are the needs of organizations to have a predictable cash flow and, even more important, the ability to borrow money to invest in technology, which is critical to an organization’s success in a value-based payment environment.“Compared to the earlier thinking that ‘bigger is better,’ now we’re seeing a trend toward more strategic alignments,” says Warren.

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