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And I kind of just went with it because I didn't want to crush her dreams," she added.Hale says it isn't just Gomez that she'll get mistaken for.These programs tend to be both so sloppily written and so central to the results that it’s contributed to a replication crisis, or put another way, a failure of the paper to perform its most basic task: to report what you’ve actually discovered, clearly enough that someone else can discover it for themselves.In the world’s “illiberal democracies,” elections are technically free, but are undermined by restrictions on civil liberties.There's a crop of us that all have a similar vibe." Here's Hale on the left next to the "Modern Family," "Game of Thrones," and "Hart of Dixie" stars.When the women have similar short haircuts, it can be a little tough to tell them apart. "Sometimes I get Kylie Jenner, but when she was younger.Take Egypt: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi won a second term last week, in part by repressing the media and intimidating the opposition.

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Happy birthday to Shirley, who shares a birthday with Betty (both are a year younger than T-shirts); to Adina’s mom (twice the age of “test-tube babies”); to Pamela’s son Terrance (twice the age of the International Space Station); and to Lawrence (16 years older than the moon landing). Sign up for a birthday shout-out, and explore the Timeline feature for yourself.It's not just you who may have a doppelganger out in the world.Celebrities get mistaken for each other all the time, too.It’s a warm November evening in Celebration, Florida, and the town’s charming downtown is mostly quiet outside of a couple busy restaurants and a crowded ice cream shop.

The quaint rows of storefronts bring a nostalgic feel of 1940s Anywhere, USA — and everything has a Floridian teal color. at Walt Disney World, and there’s a good reason for that: The town was created by the iconic amusement park.

S.–Mexico border—yet the situation in Syria illustrates how completing a military mission may be more complicated than he might expect.

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