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I have tried: I tried checking his cellphone but he put a thumb print access on it.I think it was caused by: He says it's because of my older children and me helping them all the time.

Also, some men, when confronted, will tell you the truth, while many others will turn it back on you, trying to make you feel guilty for even suspecting. His appearance has changed, he doesn't call me, yet his phone is always busy or it goes to voice mail He is focusing on himself more than ever before.Exposing adultery with others may save them the time from dating your cheating ex. If so chances are that you have come across a player, cheater, liar or an someone who's last relationship ended because of an affair.Finding a trustworthy boyfriend or girlfriend can be a challenging task.His distrust of you since then is further proof that something will happen or has already happened outside the relationship. If you think he is talking to someone else you can try to install a remote spy app, although he will have to download a link or text message pic on his phone for the apps to work, so if he is ignoring you, the link may be ignored as well. If he is ignoring you all of a sudden he better have a really good reason or else you should end the relationship.

Just wanted to know his location, she says it is an Ex boyfriend who lives in Europe, but I think he lives in town.

We have been married for 1 year and I would like to have peace of mind over this.

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