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The music surges, coming in waves that approach and recede, but with each surge the waves seem to be higher up the shore." Now carefully transferred from an archived tape, remastered and compiled on a double album for the first time, it features the previously unreleased and not less mesmerizing "The Quantum Leap". “It feels very natural to be in the studio together and our two worlds match easily.Come and visit the hidden and almost forgotten 2LP Tracklist: A1. I think I speak for the both of us, when I say, by combining forces we came up with tunes, that we wouldn’t have created on our own. As the most fascinating yet tremendous of creatures, H&T relaunches its sound in every release, like a shiny day that gently welcomes an outrageous storm leaving your body wet and your mind connected with what’s next.But it’s in club tracks that the album abounds, found often in antithetical pairings, whether it’s the marriage of a Moog bassline and warm Caribbean rhythms in Detroit in Limbo or the juxtaposition of analogue and digital rhythms on In The Woods, created using sylvan recordings as percussion.It’s the title track Mind Palace, however, that reaches the apex of antipolar combinations, displaying a breakbeat-heavy lead doused in exotic vocals perched onto a steady bassline, underlining the artists’ knack for innovative rhythms.

On this special occasion, painting the vinyl specially dark is what they were desiring and the frame brings together two superb tracks: Frankfurt Main and Saida222. While its front terrace faced the hustle and bustle of the city’s main boulevard, in its back room “Rothschild 12” hosted nightly live shows by a variety of established as well as up and coming independent musicians.Andres Grosser though, was "there" and that way before. Faik Shakarchi and Daniel Stranéus famously started making beats together in the Gothenburg tapas-joint coat check where they both worked as clerks. Late Harvest The irresistible pairing of Steve Bug and Langenberg return with ‘Paradise Sold’ - a full double-vinyl- album of exquisitely crafted house music on Bug’s own Poker Flat Recordings.Probably best-known for his 1987 collaboration "Babel" with Klaus Schulze, Grosser is a bit of a dark horse in the universe whose big bang was krautrock and that went on to be called cosmic, space music or simply new age. Their now 10 years old friendship is the story of legends, their sparse vinyl output the secret love of deep house 12′’ enthusiasts round the globe – the warm, vibrant sounds found on those records a stark contrast to the stripped-down effectiveness of their marathon DJ sets, frequently heard within the more nefarious examples of GBG nightlife. Neither Steve Bug nor Langenberg needs much introduction due to the sizeable contributions both have made in building the European house and techno scene as we know it.Running Back welcomes Andreas Grosser for the start of it's non-dancefloor series "Running Back Incantations".

Think Tornado Wallace's "Lonely Planet" or Suzanne Kraft's "Missum" who both would have been good and early contenders for a series like that, and you are half way there. Wheel Of Fortune Shakarchi & Stranéus inhabit a secret place in the universe of music, one existing at the intersection of Scandinavian poplands, Hisingen forest raves and outernational placelessness.

Fascinating compilation review on Tel Aviv´s New Music Scene! Fluid, atmospheric tracks set a consistently lush vibe overall, from the esoteric kickoff track Journey into Self to subtle warm-up tools like the oriental-instilled Hummus and Fafnir, or the couple’s first vocal collaboration Pure.