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Being late baby-boomers, we found the Evel Knievel and Elton John Captain Fantastic games reminiscent of the bowling alleys of our youth.This is owner Rob Ilvento's second vintage pinball emporium — the other in in Asbury Park, New Jersey — and this article mentions he only half-jokes he picked Delray Beach as a good excuse to visit his parents who live nearby.Maybe, maybe not; guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks.What it should do is bring the fan base back to earth. Larsen said Sunday the only comments he’s seen or heard were ones of support.In a classroom adjacent to the UNI-Dome field, Klieman walked into a throng of media and patiently answered everything. ” sign when nobody had anything more to throw at him.The local reporters understandably took the angle of the irony of his first loss as the Bison head coach coming at his alma mater.

There’s the theory that a loss is actually OK for an unbeaten team because it gives a source of motivation for players to refocus themselves.Their love story started with a bungled radio interview and a crash course in football tactics featuring sugar packets as players.More recently, there was a moonlit marriage proposal featuring lawn chairs and four gift boxes.Then, Bohl offered to come on Kelly's show at the time to talk about the Bison's last game of the season against arch-rival South Dakota State University.

She made a last-minute plea to Michaels to fill her in on the game.

You could tell Klieman was tired of answering that question all week but he still answered it and then ended with an “I’d like to move on from that.”Fair enough.