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"Kindness and easy to get along with are what I'm most known for," the profile says.It is unmistakably Khairzad's photo and it is the same username — afgstylz83 — he frequently went by in chat groups and on gaming and dating sites before his arrest.Trudeau's father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, decriminalised homosexuality in 1969.In 2005, Canada was the first non-European country to legalise same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption is also legal across the country, albeit following varying rules depending on the province or territory."A lot of Canadians think that when Pierre Trudeau said 'the state had no business in the bedrooms of the nation' back in the '60s, that that meant this law was repealed," Douglas Elliott, a Toronto-based lawyer and gay rights activist, told Canada's Globe and Mail.The most common STIs include: Most STIs can be treated and cured with common antibiotic medications. Herpes sores and blisters can be treated with medication.But the viruses that cause herpes stay in your body.His conditions include reporting all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships and friendships with women to his parole supervisor, not accessing pornography and having no contact with sex workers. Though he had sex offender counselling, the parole board assessed him as having a "preoccupation with sex" and posing a "high moderate risk" of reoffending.Attempts to reach Khairzad for this story were unsuccessful.

Later that night, police got a call from another sex worker. Six sex workers came forward and Khairzad was charged with three counts of choking, one count of assault, three counts of sexual assault, three counts of forced anal intercourse, one count of threatening and three counts of forcible confinement. He was, his victims would later testify, handsome and polite. The five-month string of assaults ended in the pre-dawn hours of Jan. A police officer saw a man and woman arguing in a car. They got into his car and drove to dark parking lots. When he pulled them over, the terrified woman said she had been raped. Khairzad told me this: "I'm not a bad person at all. Justin Trudeau's Canadian government has introduced a legislation that would make consensual anal intercourse legal for anyone, at any age.

The proposed law would repeal section 159 of the criminal code, which LGBT advocates consider unconstitutional and discriminatory against gay and bisexual men.

"I'm kind, mature and I know what I want in life," it says. Nothing will happen again." When I pressed him on what his "mistake" was, he answered: "Making the mistake of dealing with those types of people. They're all druggies." After my column on Khairzad was published, his bail was revoked and he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting four women.