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‘I adored and worshipped my brother, Frankie, as a little girl – everything he did was cool,’ she says.Today, her mother lives close by in Beverly Hills but is committed to running her businesses.It was re-rescheduled back to New York on a third date.Then, once I was in New York, the interview was cancelled a couple of hours before the appointed hour.But soon, a charming, easygoing nature emerges, albeit hand-in-hand with naked ambition.She speaks with the smooth, adjective-heavy confidence of many young stars.The only other female artist who has matched that triple feat is Adele.

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"He said he hasn't felt this way for a girl in a long time.It’s the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity 2014 honour from peta2, the youth wing of People for the Ethical Treat­ment of Animals.She may have won MTV’s Best Pop Video ‘Moonman’ for Problem in the summer, but it’s a fair bet this golden pig-shaped statue will gain more prominent real estate on her mantelpiece: Grande is vegan.‘I barely see him, but when I do it’s very pleasant.

The management of her daughter’s career is left in the hands of Braun.

we were together for so long and tried our best to make it work she says.