Friendships dating in china

Even though I only had two hours, he drove 40 minutes to the train station and 40 minutes back, just so he could show me his new house.He gave me a book, a case of jasmine tea for my mom, and a giant bag of pistachios to bring back to China.My Chinese teacher, Su Wei, is a master of bold, considerate actions.Once, during Christmas holiday, I took the train up from New York to see him.

Once, I came home to Shanghai after a week in Indonesia, and instead of saying “I missed you! ”, she just launched into conversation as if we’d bumped into each other in the company cafeteria.When we arrived, it became clear that Dandan’s mom invited us to the finest hotel in Yixing.The “little snack” was: eight platters of Yixing delicacies like Lake Tai turtle, sweet lily-petal soup, diced chicken with mountain chestnuts, wild bamboo shoots in vinegar…An hour later, Dandan called her mom to tell her we’d already eaten, no need to prepare dinner.