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A man who is hairy, but is not large or stocky - typically thinner, or with lean muscle.Also typically identified by an energetically playful and flirtatious manner.At the end of this article, there’s a link to a gay census website where you can punch in your information to find out your potential category. They’re not as massive as bears and are certainly smaller than cubs. Notice in the photograph how he is slightly hairy and might even trim to reduce the hair on his chest and torso.Please note that I have not included all of the groups here and the ones that are here may have a subgroup. You might remember Scott from a number of movies and TV shows, including films like Semi-hairy, muscular, lean, attractive, and sexually aggressive, wolves are sometimes considered as part of the larger bear community or on the bear spectrum. Some might also describe wolves as slimmer bears but there is a lot of disagreement on this.

No doubt you’ve heard of some of these labels, like jock, otter, bear, cub, wolf, and so forth.

Slimmer version of a Bear with little pockets of fat like love handles or a tiny gut, but not as lean as a Wolf.

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