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In the 1860s the backs of CDVs were very thin, often they were layers of paper/cardboard. By the later 1880s and 1890s the backs were very thick.The 1860s verso had a simple logo and writing, somewhat like an ink stamp.By 1865 the logo had changed to a design in the middle.Sometimes ribbons, scrolls and other decorations can be seen. By 1868 logo designs had begun to be much more intricate and by the 1870s there was usually a design within a shaped frame.Find out when new genealogy databases are put online.

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Often the photographer dated the revenue stamp which gives us an exact date the photograph was taken.She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother.But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret.Sausage curls and ringlets were popular in the evening, but some women did their hair this way for a photograph.

Hairnets, or nets, were sometimes worn during the Civil War era.

They had a shawl or notched collar Trousers or pants were cut high on the waist and had button fronts as zippers were not in use at this time.

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