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While Gosse had experimented with hosting events for older women and younger men in the past, he said they only gained traction when he labeled them “cougar events” that year.The term cougar was popularized in 2002 by Valerie Gibson when she released her best-selling book “Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men.” Although Thomas was initially fearful that her company would receive negative backlash, three years later, she said she’s glad she took the chance.It's a smaller amount than the first and second cruises, which attracted 275 and 120 attendees respectively, but still more than its regular singles cruises, which generally have 15 to 40 people.Cougar cruises take place aboard a large, commercial ship alongside thousands of other non-cougar vacationers.Robinson in “The Graduate,” and four years after Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher got married.The cruise brought together cougars (women in their early 40s and 50s who like to date men younger than themselves) and cubs (young men, usually in their late 20s and early 30s, who do the opposite).Since that time, the company has offered five more cruises (most recently in December) ranging from three to five nights in locations including Mexico and the Mediterranean.

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” Me: “Because it wasn’t paid for.” Mama: “Says who? ” Me: “Ma’am, it’s at least 100 degrees outside, and your boy had unmelted chocolate in his pocket. Besides, he was seen taking the candy off the shelf.” Mama: “What? ” Me: “The point is, your boy was caught stealing.” Mama: “Forget about the d***ed candy, you nosy b****! ” Me: “Ma’am, your son was spotted shoplifting, which is a crime.Mr Gosse said there is also an 'obligatory' annual hot tub party.And although 'there were definitely the boozy and Botoxed cougars on the cruise, for sure,' said Ms Manderino, there were also 'absolutely normal' women who are 'very talented, they're very educated, and they don't relate to a lot of women their age.''When I saw The Graduate, I was 20 years old,' she said. And so does my generation.''It’s not like when guys are pursuing younger women or women their age.“It is a very party-like atmosphere, and it serves a purpose for a part of society that has been there all along and getting stronger and more prevalent," Thomas wrote in an e-mail. Men have always dated younger women and society accepts it (to a point); this is the reverse!

” The Cougar-Cub Dynamic According to Thomas, cougar cruises generally have a 50/50, if not male-heavy, gender ratio -- unlike most singles events, which are usually predominantly female.

A lot of men really don’t like the young women they date -– too much game playing and immaturity,” said Gosse.

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