Historical dating for the gospels

Following the broadcast on Sunday 9 April on the National Geographic Channel of a programme about the 'gospel of Judas', these are the answers of Fr Andrew to questions in an interview in Russian for Russian Television, conducted in St John the Wonderworker Church in Felixstowe on 11 April 2006.1.The 'gospel' of Judas implies that Jesus secretly instructed Judas to betray Him.It suggests that He asks Judas to help Him return to the 'kingdom', and to do so, Judas must help Him abandon His flesh: 'You will sacrifice the man that clothes me', Jesus tells Judas, according to this 'gospel'.But, if Jesus supposedly inspired somebody to assist Him in a kind of suicide—wouldn't that contradict what He preached and also—one of God's commandments—'thou shalt not kill'?The Gnostics were what we could call today intellectuals.

I suppose that this is why these writings have only provoked academic interest.

As regards this so-called 'gospel of Judas', it was only found in the 1970s, since when it has changed private owners several times. It has taken years to read, translate and conserve, because the manuscript is in very poor condition.

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