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SAILINGS Apiil 19 (London to New York) Sam Eckman, Jr. 'Follow Thru' breezed Into the biggest opening day they recall here. Prances Marion, discharged from the hospital last Saturday (2), will spend about a week convalescing. Picture was run showing Miss Dietrich's home^ with windows barred, iahd . Since then, an average of 60 tel- egrams a day have been received by the star from salesmen and racket- eers trying to Interest her in ever y conceivable bargain or opportunity to make money. Rumors are about saying i Greta Garbo may not re-sign with Metro or give any indication of her fu- ture choice of film producer until after she has had a vacation In her native Sweden. It's said Metro'a possible money offer has had no influence on Garbo since the new proposition under consideration by her is reported to contain an equal partnership deal by its producer. And their freedom with violin bows In relationship to that posterior sense of humor which seems ram- pant at both Broadway major ▼audeville houses probably cued Murray into ditto. It Wis obviously a tough as- "gnment for a Met diva following ine blasting Brittons, but the young prima donna got to 'em from the start with an Intelligent vocal routine. Interval, was cut short with the ■«eming intent to keep the running "me down. stooge for a pratt fall J^^^^'-narleston's marathon, sauat Hary Brian (New .

came when he told t)f the gross misrepresentations recently made by Mrs. JOHNNY PERKINS (6) Song's and Talk 20 Mi'ns.; in Three 86th St.,- N. , Johnny Perkins, who has been do- ing nicely as a single in vaude iand picture houses, has gotten himself a production. Act gets over, but could be greatly improved through use of better song selections. of the original combo and Kelly wag in and out, if memory serves, with the other two new completely. Boys double from the Simplon club, class speak, and have a rep- ertoire of Intimate material which they do at the . Still, It's no more than to be expected-^they do 'want some- thing on a stage in front of a cold -sober, audience than pansy ref- erence and bits. Justice, the Yachters 'were a sudden booking, as was the rest of the bill in the main, but they need much ■ more Ifor vaude than . The child plays one Beethtiven number, consuming her entire run nlng time of six minutes. But it was awry for him to strut 'Annabelle Lee' with the skull-cap, which has more or less of a religious signlflcahce. Latter must ■ have been so engrossed she failed to tie the robe around her when taking her bow, revealing a neat pair of shimmies, ^luch the delight of the front rowers. With Myrt and Marge in the skit are Patricia Ann Miahners, doing' a dumb Dorai and Eleanor - Rella; playing, a hardboiled Jane.Net only the scout men but indus- try bfllclals pronounced tiie action in the theme 'infantile' at conclusion of Us projection. April 13 (New York to London) Joe Gopic/ i Dave Chasen, Alexander Woollcotti Noel Coward (Bremen). Boy's clean- cut, hoofing, winding up with his Robinson ihiltatlon, Wpws them, and rightly. Principals each get a spot after the final curtain, crosising stage for applause. Waters.- DENVER MASTBAUM Philadelphia, April 2, The musical comedy idea, with the ads plugging a.

Picture, It Is un- derstood, was miade indeperidently on the Coast for good will purposes. April 13 (Paris to New York) Herbert Herman (Majestic). Van and Vernpn next to closing and using prop clothes for laughs, along ' with some lines that might have been hiding in cracks in the walls since the old Pantages days. Short, snappy closer had the Whirling Duo with several, neat skate trick. 'complete $4.40 show exactly as presented on Broad way' seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Oh air it's a' serial skit of a couple bf chorus gals and the usual backstage characters, includ- ing even a pansy in the form of Clarence Tlfllngtufler, a costume de- signer.

How to hook up with honry girls without using a cradit card comments

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