Intimidating eye contact

Like its relatives they mate for life and therefore they will often be seen in pairs. One in four elderly shoppers find self-service supermarket checkouts intimidating and unfriendly.Charity spokesman Mario Ambrosi said: 'There was a time when people knew their shopkeepers and could pass the time of day.You can't do that with a machine.'The technology needs to have some human interaction.The other version is Gothika which is machine made and more economical for cosplay or Halloween costumes. Look like Selene, Viktor, Kraven, Amelia, Lucian, or Michael Corvin..

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Inspired by the character Lestat from the movie Interview with a Vampire, these serve as the perfect makeup effect for: cosplay, film, costume parties, vampire conventions, goth clubs, or Halloween.

This may serve to intimidate the other animal or may remind the predator that the butterflyfish is much too spiny to make a comfortable meal.

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