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Gomez was heartbroken when they split, but the good news is that their separation led to her close friendship with Taylor Swift.She told People, "Taylor is one of the greatest people.Sadly, they broke up this year and, although they didn't reveal the reason for their split, Jonas opened up in an Interview on Extra with Mario Lopez, calling Culpo "amazing" and saying, "We had a great, a beautiful two years together.It's been a crazy couple months and I wish the best for her in the future. She was in an episode of "living the dream" and there are some paparazzi shots of them shopping together, but as far as we know, she is just a friend of the family and an ex gf of kevin. Nick denyed dating Miley, but they did date, so we can't be sure.Here's an interesting one (by "interesting" I really mean frightening). But Ora claims she and Jonas were never romantically involved and that she was as surprised as everyone else to hear the song.

" "Socks make the man." "I don't think I'll ever reject anyone." "Start telling me what we're fighting for 'cause I know that the truth means so much more 'cause you would if you could don't lie" "Hopeless head over heels in the moment I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again" -Kevin Jonas I hope he's still single.It is tough, though." Anyone else hoping these two get back together?He never confirmed their relationship, but Miley Cyrus wrote in her book, Miles to Go, that she and Jonas dated from 2006 until 2007, according to Teen.Here is a list of women Jonas has reportedly dated.

And, by the way, one famous brunette model is not on this list — Jonas recently confirmed he is not dating Kendall Jenner.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, Kevin does have a gf.

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    Kevin isn't dating anyone. Neither are Joe or Nick. They're too busy touring, and don't have time to date, let alone sleep. They've said they are all.…