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And Anthony Callea has opened up on his relationship with actor Tim Campbell, 42, when talking to KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O. star said it was 'insulting.'Talking on The Project, Anthony said: 'I honestly feel this whole situation is insulting. Essentially, we just want a law to be basically equal.' His heartfelt declaration earned him a rousing applause from members of the audience about the controversial topic.The former Australian Idol star, 34, recounted a night of failed romance with Tim, admitting he was a 'dead r**t' when Tim organised a hotel room for them after they first became a couple. ' The Prayer singer also joked with Kyle that Tim had to go around the room and blow out all the candles, and said with a laugh: 'That's the only blow he got all night.' Anthony also admitted that on their wedding night - where they tied the knot in New Zealand - he was also 'drunk.' Anthony and Tim first confirmed their romance with fans in February 2008. Last month, Anthony shared his thoughts on the postal vote for same-sex marriage in Australia. I don't think that we should be voting on a human rights issue. 'Tim and I have been together for about 10 years now and we didn't want to wait for our government to tell us we can get married so we went over to New Zealand and we did it when we wanted to do it,' he explained to the panel.In 2004, Campbell was cast to play Dan Baker on Home and Away, where he appeared in 287 episodes.Campbell was a contestant in series six of Dancing with the Stars, which premiered on 20 February 2007. He hosted National Bingo Night as well as the first season of travel series Discover Tasmania in 2007.“Our paths crossed many times professionally but I never knew that Tim was gay,” Callea tells SBS, with a laugh. “We had lunch two or three times and once I realised that he shared the same feelings as me,” says Callea, “it progressed from there.' “When we started seeing each other, we were both very busy with work commitments, so we decided not to rush anything,” Campbell tells SBS.“Well, that lasted for just two months and within six months we’d bought a house together.” The decision to marry was just as spontaneous when they just started chatting about it idly one afternoon at home.“Tim asked whether I wanted to but I replied that I wasn’t sure and asked about his thoughts. Both of us are stubborn, so there was certainly no getting down on bended knees to propose.” Nevertheless, the date was set for November 16, 2014 and they chose Auckland, New Zealand because of its natural beauty plus it wasn’t too far to travel for their family and closest friends.“We had a beautiful dinner the night before that included both of our sets of parents and two friends of ours.

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    Timcampbelltwit and I are getting married! We are very excited to share this special news with you along with our friends and family. Personally, I can't wait! #love #gettingmarried #NewZealand”. Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell engaged. Tim shared the same post, much to the joy of their many thousands of Instagram.…