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Morin claimed that he had tried to talk Schulhoff out of killing her father, to no avail.He also claimed to have no memory of beating Stephan Schulhoff stating that he "blacked out" as soon as he grabbed the bat and only became lucid when he was washing the blood off his body after the attack.Click the image above to view it and other antique basketball equipment now!1910’s Antique Football Jersey with Bumble-Bee Striped Sleeves: View this impressive, vintage football jersey of black and white wool with bumble bee striped sleeves, along with other antique football items by clicking here.

Morin denied that he had initiated the killing, stating that Schulhoff left the Louisville Slugger baseball bat used to kill Stephan Schulhoff outside the bedroom door for him to use.In 2011, her case appeared on an episode of Snapped on the Oxygen Network.In 2015, Schulhoff was interviewed by former FBI criminal profiler Candice De Long for the Investigation Discovery program Facing Evil.The helmet is complete and pristine right down to the original chin strap.

From quality to condition, this fine vintage football helmet has it all.

1947 World Series Ticket Stub: You will find this 1947 World Series Ticket Stub from Ebbets Field and a wonderful selection of antique baseball items in our vintage baseball memorabilia section! Rare 1900-1910 Wright & Ditson CHAMPIONSHIP Model Football : This unique vintage football is an exceptional representation from this era.

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    The Oval. Roll the barrel in your hand until you find the oval trademark stamped into the bat. If the inside top of the oval says "125" and the rest of the oval is filled with the words "Louisville Slugger," then your bat was produced since 1980.…
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    Louisville Slugger baseball Bat dating guide complete with images, manufacturing periods, and description.…
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    Earliest Louisville Slugger bat. Few bats found with block letter names on the barrel. In 1905, Honus Wagner signs on as an endorser of Louisville Slugger bats.…


    For example a Mickey Mantle store bat collector would always value a truly VINTAGE MANTLE BAT over any REPRO or Louisville Slugger oval label bat. dating time.…