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Stipe advised the pair on how to fine-tune it, eventually becoming a producer for the entire body of work. Michael—They were kind of see-through when I got sweaty. At the time I was “not gay,” so I was kind of avoiding you. But we didn’t really talk again until the day you passed by my car in front of the C&S bank.The result is “Sir,” an aggressively open, assertively sexual (Spooner went so far as to insert recordings of sex with a man in Madrid) 13-track album, which will be released next spring. Casey—I remember you had incredible hair; you looked like a lion. I said “hello” and you got so excited running around my truck acting like it was the most amazing truck in the world. You had just bought giant sunglasses and were showing them off. That’s when you asked me on our first date that you were three hours late for!In the midst of working on “Sir,” that relationship of 14 years unraveled, so the record then became a document of a successful relationship, then chaos, collapse, and then another period of recovery and reconnecting as a single man.Michael—Speaking as someone who was there watching this thing happen, it had all the feelings of abandonment, insecurity, guilt, shame, and profound sadness.

It was a profound experience, actually, and really shifted my perception on pop music, because I couldn’t deal with all the bad Cher and Whitney Houston remixes.It is previewed by Fischerspooner’s first museum exhibition of the same title, an internet-specific photo-video installation at the MUseum MOderner Kunst in Vienna, Austria in collaboration with the photographer Yuki James. You had the biggest, longest, curliest hair and you wore B. Michael—One of the things that I love about you, Casey, is that you have an abundant curiosity [for] just about everything, which I think is essential in an artist.At Stipe’s Chinatown apartment, the two discussed their shared experiences, gay party music, and social media-induced narcissism. He was in a white t-shirt and was easily the most fun person in the room. I just pointed at him and said, “You’re coming with me.” That’s my memory of it. You are absolutely fearless, and are able to go full bore into anything that interests you.Ann—Your mumok exhibition includes a series of large-scale photographs of you and various other people in your apartment shot by Yuki James.

Casey, you were very adamant about not being photographed in your apartment at first.

These were all really hard day-to-day, and they are especially hard when you go home alone at night.

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