Most populated chat rooms

updated Nov 7, 2003 This page is part of the Networks Site, please do not mirror or distribute.We highlight here some popular networks with average user counts of 10,000 to 170,000 and up.All links take you away to pages hosted by that network or to the 3rd party statistics site, which hosts comprehensive, opt-in network lists such as the top charts. Our purpose is just to get you going by providing important links and information for some selected nets, so that you can quickly compare them or get their home page, server list, etc.Some information is quoted directly “like this” from the net’s own site.Many of the most popular channels are “national” channels, devoted to the social gathering of people from Europe and Japan.Information: They call it the best multiplayer game ever. Anyway, here’s a network full of (mainly European) addicts.So now that the Public Chat Rooms are no more with no idea when they are coming back to a server near you, I figured it would be, at least from a networking of players stand-point, a good idea to start a thread where Summoners could come together and post Chat Rooms that Users have 'created' and are popular amongst Summoners to group and play from. Keep in mind that we are all well aware that Chat Rooms aren't able to be moderated other than muting a Summoner on your own, which is still very effective, just not efficient. Audacious Co - Considered a Coaching Channel and overflow channel from 3v3, mostly for 3's on TT.

Administration and operation are also more traditional than on other networks.These nets tend to have the largest, busiest channels.For example, some channels have over 2000 people, so just one channel like that has more people than 97% of the 800 networks out there! These nets have lots of fun chat but also an abundance of the “dark side” of IRC: illegal file trading, lag, splits, ad spams, pornography, trojan/virus infections, denial of service attacks, etc.Also please if you can, include a short description for the Chat Rooms you submit if any applies and I'll include that in the list as well. General Discussion - Basically just like the Former Public channel.