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There’s been many, many fat activists and body-positive folks responding to the topics of dating, finding love, and intimacy while being fat.And, let me tell you, the responses have been ridiculous and the backlash agonizing. I’d spend hours swiping to the left or swiping to the right.They’d shake their heads and tell me that they weren’t getting the same messages. Stop allowing your friends to dictate who you love.They weren’t having men ask them to sit on their faces or make comments about how big their butt was or any body shaming comments. Stop being a coward and enjoining in fatphobic rhetoric when you truly don’t feel that way. By no means am I saying that smaller women and men don’t get picked on or objectified, but we don’t experience mass skinny-phobia were a model has loads of trolls under her photos saying things likewe demean our own bodies, and skip a meal, we show our little girls that skinny is good and fat is bad.For women online who were plus-sized bloggers who dated or married a muscular or a socially ‘attractive’ man, trolls would leave nasty comments about how could someone so fat be with a fit guy, or he’s only using you for sex, or that’s impossible for him to actually love her. That she shouldn’t strive for better because of the shape of her natural hips or the hugeness of her breasts and stomach. Nip it in the bud every time, so that the next time he approaches a big girl he’ll know what’s up. You do not have to be skinny to live your best life.So, according to the census, fat women don’t deserve love, their bodies are only reduced to an object only used for pleasing sexually, and no one who is socially attractive should ever want a fattie. Stop teaching your little boys and girls that they don’t deserve to take up space.The first message I got was a couple trying to have me as their third, as in third wheel, as in a threesome. The following messages would start off with men requesting that I ‘sit on their face’. They’d make disgusting comments about my hips and butt. I was also fat-shamed by angry users who I wasn’t interested in.Some of the white dudes, especially, would objectify my Black body, highlighting the size of my lips and what they’d do to them. I would tell my smaller friends who were using the same dating apps my stories.

The musician was then engaged to Kate Hudson in 2011 and welcomed their son, Bingham, on July 9, 2011, before calling off their engagement in 2014.Evans shared the happy news on her Instagram on Saturday alongside a handful of pics -- including one of her stunning engagement ring."Was going to surprise everyone on Christmas, but just can’t wait any longer," Evan wrote."We are so happy to announce to the world that we are engaged!Was going to surprise everyone on Christmas, but just can’t wait any longer....

We are so happy to announce to the world that we are engaged!

Muse is a model-mommy, and Freja's a notorious modelizer (she's been linked to Catherine Mcneil and Irina Lazareanu).