My boyfriend is addicted to online dating

There are plenty of daily newspaper commentaries he can use for forum interaction as an alternative. for the time he is on-line, he is also missing out on spending with you.My X boy friend is addicted to Face Book if he is awake he is on Face Book.but she was on facebook about every ten minutes and had an open profile.And there are lots of - men AND women - who have fixations on these web sites, facebook, twitter, etc., etc.Perhaps you are justified to let him know that the amount of time he spends on dating websites does disturb you, as the intent of such sites is to make connections.You think it appropriate the he does suspend his actions.We just talked about this in Abnormal Psych class the other day. "men who are addicted to internet dating sites" --- frankly, not enough information to back that up, imo.How people, men and women BOTH go from one site to another. You are online too, by the way, looking for a man while you are dating this one. Did you meet him before joining this elite group on POF, or found him here in that short amount of time? Your question should be narrowed down to just this one man -- not men. I'm sure a lot of men, and women too, use these social sites simply as a form of entertainment and interaction.

she thought that accessing a singles' site I must be trolling for a hook up..I looked the other way while he ignored me to be on Face Book as long as I could.I have a Face Book profile but rarely go into Face Book.I busted him because the site tells active with in the last ten minutes. Internet dating is a wonderful way to meet people but the down side is that 90% of the people lack integrity.

I met a man in here 5 years ago and he definatly turned out to be an abuser. I am finding that nothing has changed and the guys in here seem to all have issues. I wish I had the answers for meeting a quality person. I know what emotionally healthy is and it's making my search to find a quality guy a huge challenge. I would let your internet boy friend have his walking papers.

lol Maybe they sit there and think they are sexy & they know it kinda thing.... It sounds like something is just not adding up here. I don't think attention seekers outgrow it until they deal with the insecurities that drive them to seek the validation they feel they need. You are "dating" this man you say is addicted to sites like this one and obviously this bothers you -- even though he doesn't connect or date any of them. It's a real buzz to have all that attention with no strings attached..may find it hard to compete.

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