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When this happens, he maintains a few relationships replete with abundant and addictive sex going simultaneously.He sometimes participates in and initiates group sex and mass orgies.

But the other, recessive (manifested less frequently) type, is there. The narcissist swings between his dominant type and his recessive type which manifests mainly after a major narcissistic injury or life crisis.The satyre that is the somatic narcissist is forever trapped in the intellectual cage of the cerebral one, the Brain.Thus, if both members of the couple are cerebral narcissists, for instance if both of them are scholars the resulting competition prevents them from serving as ample Sources of Narcissistic Supply to each other. Consumed by the pursuit of their own narcissistic gratification, they have no time or energy or will left to cater to the narcissistic needs of their partner.The cerebral narcissist brandishes his brainpower, exhibits his intellectual achievements, basks in the attention given to his mind and to its products. It is a nuisance, a burden, a derided appendix, an inconvenience, a punishment.

The cerebral narcissist is asexual (rarely has sex, often years apart). His fantasies are homosexual or paedophiliac or tend to objectify his partner (rape, group sex).

There are two types of narcissists: the somatic narcissist and the cerebral narcissist.

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