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For better or for worse, the deed is done and we will all have to live with the consequences." Perhaps the continuing debate can focus in a constructive way on recommendations that would be valuable in the future to ensure that the very best science and conservation efforts are applied to the Shroud. Alan Adler told me in a telephone conversation just before his untimely death, "..are not conserving just a cloth, but an image on cloth.Until both are completely understood, neither can be properly conserved." I have created this page in an effort to provide website viewers with access to all of these opinions.But the issue of management style has never been a priority of the Church."They" have the influence, power, control, and authority to do whatever is felt to be in the best interest of their "secret goals." Certainly this seems to be an accurate description of what has actually transpired.Because of their love and genuine concern for the Shroud, this group even paid its own expenses to attend these proceedings.I have since been informed that the majority of this group wished to avoid embarrassing the Church which already has enough problems via the scrutiny of the international press.

More disturbing still is the fact that none of the non-Italian experts convened in 2000 save Mechthild Flury-Lemberg was consulted or informed about this "intervention/restoration" until it was already a fait accompli.Some praise the effort and believe that proper care was exercised in the performance of the restoration and that the removed materials were properly documented and archived so they could be used for future testing.Others believe that considerable material was lost or contaminated and that future testing would be severely impacted because of the intervention.However, in truth it belongs to no denomination - possibly not even to Christianity - for in reality it is GOD'S 'LOVE LETTER IN LINEN' TO ALL MANKIND.

Granted, there is an alternative point of view which contends that: The harsh reality is that there is an inner core that will be making the decisions with the exclusion of those that would hold back "progress".

Some are greatly disturbed by the confirmed change in the image proportions and the apparent change in image contrast.

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