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In a post appearing on Tumblr, he shared that when he was 12 years old; he got into a bit of trouble and did some things he wasn’t proud of.His grandfather apparently helped turn him onto physical fitness to help young Nicky find productive ways of coping with all that he was going through at that young age in his life.In studying Zano’s personality, all indications suggest this is a very warm and gentle person, devoid of the arrogance that we see in so many Hollywood celebrities.

If you are a fan of MDL, you likely know that I go into a lot of detail about celebrity workouts and self-care routines and include a psychological slant. How has he been able to build and maintain such a strong, lean and attractive body? Is there something we can glean from his body type that might give us clues to his physical appearance?I’ll be getting into his skin care routine later but I’ll state here that genetics is a key factor when it comes to youthfulness.This is why it is important to know something about your background when making choices for grooming.Later in life, he transplanted to the West coast – near the Pacific Ocean – with plenty of photographic evidence to suggest he enjoys the blue water encompassing the California coast.

In this way, he is similar to his fellow blue eyed celebrities, Mr.

Scott Eastwood and Christopher “Captain Kirk” Pine.

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