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Notably, Kent Prows lobbied for adding software-distribution capabilities, Samm Di Stasio came up with the name "ZENworks" (for "Zero Effort Networks") with Allen Tietjen driving the bundle.The "Novell Application Launcher" service and executable program-names with the file extension persist within ZENworks.Blueloop has over 10 years experience of implementing and supporting Novell Zen Works in a variety of environments and a strong relationship with Novell and 3rd party providers.ZENworks Desktop Management reduces the total cost of ownership of the configuration, deployment, updating, healing and migration of desktops using unique Policy-Driven Automation.This version is ITIL certified by Pink VERIFY and supports ten ITIL v3 processes. Change, Incident, Problem and Service Level Management.Customers can buy the whole suite or choose between individual elements.Unique tiered distribution capabilities enable large scale distributions and let administrators efficiently distribute applications and patches over varying line speeds.This intelligent Policy-Driven Automation of routine server management processes ensures consistency and timely updates, and reduces human error.

NDS, in concert with a client console program, would perform just-in-time application-configuration.ZENworks Linux Management makes it easy to embrace and extend Linux within your existing environment.It is the only solution that uses Policy-Driven Automation to deploy, manage and maintain Linux resources.Novell later wrote a version that diversified the managed object class to include users.

That solution (based on the second iteration of Magic Windows, engineered primarily by Damon Janis), "User Net", appeared at the Novell Brainshare conference in 1994." in 1998 with ZENworks 1.0 and with ZENworks Starter Pack - a limited version of ZENworks 1.0 that came bundled with Net Ware 5.0 (1998).

These automated and intelligent policies allow administrators to provide centralized control across the lifecycle of Linux systems for desktop lockdown, imaging, remote management, inventory and software management.

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