One year dating anniversary plans

Six groups were involved in the attack on the WTC”-THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Page 20A.Representatives of at least three US government agencies (CIA, FBI, and NSA) were aware of the plans for the attack on the World Trade Center after having been advised by the intelligence agencies of Israel, Germany, UK and Russia.-C.Got all caught up with everyone's life, had an old school shopping trip just like back in the day. Then for dinner Jeff and I had date night and we used our groupon to this wine bar in Roncesvalle. I know it'll take some more time, it took a co-worker 6 months to find something, so I know this is normal. After that we went over to a friends for their super bowl party.The first part of the meal was great, but the main which was a cheese fondu we both hated. So now I'm thinking maybe we need to look at other area's since right now there's nothing opening up in the area we're looking for. Basically I sat around for the rest of the afternoon eating and watching football. Friday night was the Raps game with Jeff, and as usual we snuck down to the platinum seats after half time.It's much much better sitting there than in the 300's (obviously).Chris fully understands it’s the people who make the magic not the structure.