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Ancient unmarried Filipino women were encouraged by their cultural orientation at the time to participate freely in sexual activities.According to Antonio Pigafetta and Friar Juan de Plasencia, as explained by Stanley Karnow in his book, In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines and in The Body Book by Fe Maria C.In the private sphere, young parents must cope not only with missed educational and income opportunities, but also with the demands of parenting and maintaining relationships at a time when they’re still preoccupied with finding themselves.

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There is a discrepancy, he says, between the number of babies born to young women and the number of teenage boys who are fathers. The Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia where teenage pregnancy is on the rise.Of the 10 million Filipino girls aged 15-19 years old, some 10 per cent (about a million) are already mothers or pregnant with their first child.While the law calls for comprehensive sexuality education in public schools, questions remain about the quality of such education, which are at the mercy of reservations and misconceptions held by many teachers.

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