Public folder shared calendar not updating

recently brought to my attention that certain users cannot see calendar entries on a few public folder calendars. When I view the calendar in Outlook or in OWA as a network admin and owner of the folder I do not see the items.If I login to OWA as one of the admins that create the items, I can see the events.I need to resolve this, someone please give me some ideas to go on to resolve this. no they are looking at the public folder calendar as am I.If I bring up OWA and login with one of the users accounts that can see it I am able to witness/replicate it.If I login as one of the teachers that need to view the calendars they also cannot see them.Apparently this is happening in reverse also, if a teacher creates an event the admin folks do not see it.If I logout and login with my account or one of the other users accounts, then it is not there. If managing Active Directory using Windows Powershell® is making you feel like you stepped back in time, you are not alone. All I have to go on right now is that if I login with a teachers AD account I see the events, if I login with an AD account of other staff, including myself (which I am a domain admin and the folder owner), I do not see the calendar items.For nearly 20 years, AD admins around the world have used one tool for day-to-day AD management: Hyena. 2 servers total, both have all three roles installed (DB, HT, CAS). the teachers (users in this case who can see the calendar events) do have their mailboxes in their own datastore on Exchange.

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@bavincen Could this be somehow related to #336 and #295 ?

Sometimes, when trying to view their calendar, there is an exclamation mark on the calendar tab and says 'Could not be updated'.