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Washington and Sister only have one brief conversation together in Reconstruction: Chapter 2.Sister takes an obvious dislike towards Wash, as she believes him to be a cop.Much later, in Epilogues, Sister is reunited with her brother and embraces him with a hug after hearing about what had happened while she was on Chorus for business.In the underground caves, Sister seemed to anger Lopez while translating for him, but seems to be one of the few who can understand him.Simmons additionally does not approve of her insults towards his intellect and quickly takes offense to them.He is, however, heavily fascinated by some of the things she reveals about her family, such as the fact that her and Grif's mother is in the circus, and even asks her if he could record everything she says.While the two don't interact much Sister crushed Donut with her ship when she first arrived at Blood Gulch.When Doc first met Sister in Season 5, he was fascinated by her flexibility, but nothing else.

When she meets him in the caves, Sister treats him kindly before realizing that he's supposed to be dead." statement at the end of her description, Sister probably does not share the same feelings towards Tex.She also says Tex is a "badass" and is "kinda hot".However, when he discovered that she was in fact alive and just naked, he calls her a slut, heavily enraged upon seeing her "embarrassing the family." In fact, she is often an embarrassment to Grif, particularly when divulging information about their mother, and he instructs her not to embarrass the family when she switches to the Blue Team in Episode 85. Blue, she screams at him, claiming he is just like their mother and father.

When Grif gets frustrated at her various inappropriate statements in Mr. When Lopez claims to have killed her in Relocated: Part Three, Grif doubts his claims.

She is very fond of her brother, having joined the army for the sake of reuniting with him and not being left alone. " ending of Episode 100, when Grif assumes Tucker to be threatening her, he kills him.

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