Ronn moss and katherine kelly lang dating

They see Brooke and Ridge open the first international Forrester's fashion boutique in Sydney, with Brooke's son, Rick, and Ridge's daughter, Phoebe (from a previous marriage to psychiatrist Taylor), along for the ride.In a twist typical of the show's incestuous relationships, Rick and Phoebe are also romantically involved., has started calling chiselled co-star Ronn Moss by his character's name, Ridge."Sometimes I just call him Ridge out of habit," Lang says.Ridge was engaged to Brooke but chose Caroline Spencer, whom he had been dating when he met Brooke.

Still, they always seem to be there for each other.Brooke and Ridge work together at Forrester Creations and have developed a dynamic that works well and have them hailed as Fashions Leading Couple.Their multiple marriages and unconventional break ups with others are often covered in the press.Brooke and Ridge have two children, 1 adopted by Ridge, one biologically between the both of them, Hope Logan and R. They had a daughter they thought was biologically Ridge's.

Her name was Bridget, which was a combination of both Brooke and Ridge's names.

"I've noticed it happening more lately." If the actors are experiencing an identity crisis, it is no wonder.