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Carmarthen is the county town on river Towy at the mouth of Carmarthen Bay.It was the largest town in Wales before the industrial revolution and claims to be the oldest.Then the state legalises all marriages, leaving religions free to conduct ceremonies under their own rules.Philip Walker Trearddur, Holy Island, Anglesey SIR – The consultation document for same-sex marriage is fundamentally flawed.There is a great glasshouse, the largest of its kind in the world which houses plants from several different Mediterranean climate regions.Llanelli is the largest town on the west coast of Wales on the mouth of the river Loughor.The boat house is set on a cliff overlooking the Taf estuary. There is an exhibition of Dylan Thomas memorabilia and the famous \'writing shed\' where he did most of his work.

The railway is maintained by enthusiasts and includes a museum of signally and railway artefacts.I felt that it was up to me, not the state, to decide who qualified for a religious ceremony.In view of the current difficulties over same-sex marriage (report, June 12), perhaps the time has now come, at least on the issue of marriage, to separate church and state.The museum shows how tinplate for cans and cups was made and there are exhibits too about coal mining.

SIR – I have no doubt that the proposals for a "back-to-basics" national curriculum (report, June 11) from Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, are well-intentioned, but I fear that they are an ill-informed caricature of what good schools do well.

Provided those getting married met certain criteria, I was obliged as a registrar by virtue of my office to marry any who lived within my parish.