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  • The War Over Women's Health Joanna L. Grossman Verdict. profil de paulette60


    Mar 27, 2018. SMU Dedman School of Law professor Joanna L. Grossman comments on the recent oral argument in NIFLA v. Becerra, in which so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers challenge California's Reproductive FACT Act as violating their First Amendment right to free speech by requiring posted information about.…
  • Tavis Smiley Suspended by PBS Amid Sex Misconduct Claims. profil de paulette60


    Dec 13, 2017. He originally came to prominence the the mid-1990s as the host of “BET Tonight,” an evening public affairs program on the African American-oriented cable. Hyzagi described Smiley picking up a woman at the Orlando airport and bringing her along on a reporting trip as a “fuck buddy”; alleged that Smiley.…
  • Sexual Violence - CDC profil de paulette60


    Sexual Violence. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Division of Violence Prevention. Facts at a Glance. 2012. Adults. In a nationally representative survey of adults1. • Nearly 1 in. 37.4% of female rape victims were first raped between ages. Among high school students, 12.5% of American. Indian/Alaska.…
  • Matt Lauer Accused of Sexual Harassment by Multiple Women. profil de paulette60


    Nov 29, 2017. As the co-host of NBC's “Today,” Matt Lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as a present. It included. In front of the camera, for more than two decades, Lauer had positioned himself as America's squeaky-clean dad. Of all the women in the world that would give it for free, these guys resorting to this?…