however he may just then get better at hiding what he is doing online.As for how to bring it up, personally I'd just say it was in the history when you were looking for a website you'd previously been on. I am going to talk to him immediately, as this is tearing me up inside.

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There is always someone to talk to no matter the time and connections can easily be made.he's fantasising about doing stuff with other people or getting off on the idea of it, and in my view that should be kept within your relationship - no other people!I'm not saying its worth breaking your relationship up over, as he may not see it the same way, but tell him how you feel about it, and then if he does it again anyway then he is totally out of order.Join our amazing Married Cheaters community and chat up local men and women who fit your bill.

Dear Cary, My husband of 34 years became involved in an online relationship, which I saw as a form of emotional infidelity.

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