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She picked a Survivor master and then listened to Cirie's advice.If she plays again, I imagine that advice will stick and the friendship they formed will serve her for years to come. It's tricky with Michaela, because so much of her great energy comes from her emotions — but like Andrea, her emotions can also get the best of her.Michaela doesn't like to stand down to anyone, and in Survivor, that's a pretty big self-imposed obstacle.You have to be willing to eat some humble pie once in a while.Jeff Probst is currently married to Lisa Ann Russell.He has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.0 years each. is entering its 29th season, Jeff Probst clearly remembers every one of the 442 contestants, and can pull obscure trivia out of the air. There are less people who are really, truly out of shape who want to do the show. Last season’s cast was stellar – and many of them were average people. You lost two contestants before the game even started. When it comes to putting people like him on the show, you have to swing for the fence.His excitement about the reality show is unwavering – impressive, considering that it debuted during the Clinton administration. I hear you, but this game has gotten harder over the years. We had to decide how John would impact the audience. We look for people who will bring gameplay and personality to the show. Putting a cast together is like building a family, and starting the show is like sending your oldest child off to college.

Andrea outlasted three other competitors to resume her quest for the million dollar prize, only to get voted out for good at the very next Tribal.2013’s was such a compelling season that producers are doing it again, casting pairs of contestants with some sort of existing relationship – married couples, siblings, dating pairs, parent-child. Whenever we’d see each other, we’d hold up our fingers. Everything’s going great.’ Five fingers would mean ‘I’m in trouble and I’m ready to go.’ If she held up one, I’d do what I could to keep her in the game. There’s a contingent that says, ‘Let’s keep pairs as long as possible.’ But at some point, having a loved one in the game is a liability. Or in Palau, someone like, say, Coby Archa, might have gone further if he hadn’t been on such a dominant tribe. We try to cast people who have what it takes to win the entire show.The result, with your wife, would you vote her off? If she gave me four or five, I’d gut her – and then I’d use that move to my advantage. Survivor deprives you of so much and it's so hard to keep your wits, but making a move based on emotions can be the end of you.

But it's hard to find a lot of fault in her game. What lingering question do you have for Andrea, long after the game ended?

What's more, Michaela's exit was much less personally explosive than when she was voted out of her first season, last fall's Millennials vs Gen X, one of the most memorable blindsides in recent Survivor history.

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