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Development, manufacturing, modernization, repair and maintenance services of ATC, navigation, landing, relative navigation, collision prevention equipment and earth proximity warning equipment.

Our service-partners deliver this disk set to users, install databases and components, make maintenance of the systems, also providing other services. We are developing a range of products for e-mail, docflow and e-commerce.1C provides advanced services for official users of 1C: Enterprise – the information and technological support (ITS).The purpose of this service is to provide users with a complete set of 1C software updates, accounting methodologies, office automation technologies, tutorials and new components for 1C: Enterprise system, consultations from chartered accountants, up-to-date legislation on taxation and business regulations and more.There are 30 of boxed (off-the-shelf) business applications supplied for a wide range of tasks: accounting, sales and warehouse, payroll calculation and HR management, manufacturing and financial planning, accounting and reporting for private entrepreneurs, public sector accounting, report consolidation, accounting in non-profit organizations and others.

Learn more → Among the software produced by 1C the most important is 1C: Enterprise system of business automation products.

Being famous with their flexibility, built with modern technologies, scalable with single-user, file-server and client-server solutions, these products are used together or separately in SOHO to medium companies with one or several locations.