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When they took the sack off my head, the rat and I were covered in blood. I was filming a scene in Walker Texas Ranger, out in the woods where I was to grab this huge rattle snake with my bare hands.I sneak up to the snake and grab him by the neck, pick him up and count the number of rattlers on his tail. Very amazing If I could do one thing for my 87 year old gran who they say only has less then a month to live is to find who she calls WALKER every night when he comes on. She spent 2 weeks at St Mary’s hospital and telling the nurse staff she misses walker lol she loves Chuck Norris. Blessing and love I tried to show photo, maybe 1day.Also, Craig Carroll owner of Carroll Concealed Tactical Defense. Didnt even know of this event I would have loved to be there and meet you.. 😢 Thank you for the picture you signed for my daughter to give to me. Got your email today also and FYI, I am prepared to fight and WIN we will. Every single person,every single life,is precious at any age. Still work full time walk to work each day mile and half. Christmas (which literally means the "death of Christ" in Latin) what’s the date of the pagans worship the false god Mithras. I am a Christian, an evangelist and a gun owner from Texas. These steps will remove the witchcraft demon, the mark of the beast from your body. Believe in God (Yahweh) Almighty through Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) by the power of the Holy Spirit (Ruach hakodesh). Ask the Lord to reveal any sin you cannot remember from the past to repent for also. Run to do His will as we are in the tribulation and have around two and a half years left before Jesus Christ returns!

After grappling with his sons, Royce and Rickson, I had the privilege of grappling with the master himself, Mr. I was able to get on top of him, but when I did, Mr. Unfortunately, the fake rat did not show up on location.

Frustrated and angry, realizing how important this scene was, I said, “Kill that live prop rat and pull me up by my feet.” I put the dead rat in my mouth, they put the sack over my head, then I began thrashing like the rat was attacking my face…