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Jan 05, · Meet Me helps site for chatting online yearbook find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now. My Yearbookwhich yeqrbook a small but profitable social network focussing on younger teenage users, is going to try yerbook make online games more social by getting its members to play together at the same time.

Tinder also pointed to the success of its premium product, Tinder Gold, as providing a revenue stream that allows it to develop more free features that make its app appealing to a wider audience.“Tinder has incredible scale given its viral growth and the dating context provides a level of intent that traditional social networks can’t capture.And overlaying location as a vector could be compelling, especially to a young, mobile and very social audience.” Ginsberg added that Tinder is being intentionally vague about the new additions because it believes they’ll be a competitive advantage.Tinder will launch a series of new features based on location in 2018, its parent company Match Group revealed during this week’s Q4 2017 earnings.

The dating app maker has been fairly vague on what these new features will entail, having only described them previously as something that will blur the “distinction between digital and real-life dating, and dating and simply engaging in your social life.” This hints at further efforts at expanding Tinder into more of social network for young singles, rather than an app whose sole focus is on creating relationships.

Tinder has also said before that its plans around location had the potential to bring in “a new audience,” as they “expand the definition of dating.” That could imply the company is thinking about how Tinder could be used to simply help people make new connections, including those that may only turn into friendships, not dates.