Tool for validating xml with xml schema

Visual Studio 2005 significantly improves the XML editing and XSLT Debugging experiences.The XML editor includes the following functionality: The remainder of this article will explain the above listed features in more detail, and will also be a mini-tutorial for the XML Editor and the XSLT Debugger.It has built-in support for schema validation, and can convert Java objects to an XML document and vice-versa. In debian squeeze it is located in the package "libxerces-c-samples". As far as libraries goes, pretty much the de-facto standard is Xerces2 which has both C and Java versions.Castor and JAXB are other Java libraries that serve a similar purpose to XMLBeans. The definition of the dtd and xsd has to be in the xml! Be fore warned though, it is a heavy weight solution. You should not use the DOMParser to validate a document (unless your goal is to create a document object model anyway). W3C_XML_SCHEMA_NS_URI); try catch (SAXException e) catch (IOException e) but you could just as easily validate against a local file.But then again, validating XML against XSD files is a rather heavy weight problem.

You can probably do that with JDK API for Xml validation, if you use SAX-based writer: if so, just link in validator by calling 'Validator.validate(source, result)', where source comes from your writer, and result is where output needs to go.(7 printed pages)One challenge that Open XML developers face is how to create Open XML files that comply fully with the Open XML schema and standard, and that are also interoperable with Office client applications such as Microsoft Office Word 2007.With the release in April 2009 of the second Open XML Format SDK 2.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP), developers can use the validation functionality built into the SDK to create those fully compliant Open XML files. is probably a network location, so it'll go out and hit the network with each and every validation, not always optimal.

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