Ubuntu update manager not updating

The rough idea is to have a cronjob to run rsync on ssh.Since this needs authentication, we use a ssh key with no passphrase.We also create a system user to do all of this and limit this ssh key for this function.$ ssh-keyscan -t rsa code.| sudo -u fiji_mirror_sync tee -a /home/fiji_mirror_sync/.ssh/known_hosts $ sudo -u fiji_mirror_sync ssh imagej ssh-keyscan -t rsa | sudo -u fiji_mirror_sync tee -a /home/fiji_mirror_sync/.ssh/known_hosts Once the mirrors get populated, you can start using them on your Image J installations.Another reason is if you have multiple systems to update and a local mirror would be faster for you (and nicer for the Image J servers).Yet another reason is if you are not on North America, the updater runs very slow.

This instructions only cover the setting up of the synchronization.

You can also set up and populate your own update site.