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On 24 August 1991, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic declared independence and the legal name of the republic was changed to the Ukraine on 17 September 1991.

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The Ukrainian SSR's border with Czechoslovakia formed the Soviet Union's western-most border point.Since the partition of Poland, the name has generally disappeared and was replaced with the Russian colonial name of Little Russia.The idea of Ukraine as borderland crept in the English language at some point.In accordance, on 5 December 1936, the 8th Extraordinary Congress Soviets in Soviet Union changed the name of the republic to the "Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic," which was ratified by the 14th Extraordinary Congress of Soviets in Ukrainian SSR on 31 January 1937.

During its existence, the Ukrainian SSR was commonly referred to as "Ukraine" or "the Ukraine".

although it was legally represented by the All-Union state in its affairs with countries outside of the Soviet Union.