Updating recessed kitchen lighting

A hot light bulb or light bulb housing can burn the skin.Flip the circuit breaker that supplies electricity to your kitchen lights.But once the trim around those lights starts to get yellowed and old, those lights may not look so sleek and fresh anymore.But you don’t have to replace your entire light fixture to get an updated look.It’ll make a great accent light, then you put whatever you want in the center.”Mr. But giving them a good scrub with a healthy portion of bleach and swapping out the hinges and handles (~$35 for all of them in the entire kitchen) gives it a much lighter and more modern feel than the old dark dirty hinges.

Never use a full-sized ladder by yourself, for safety’s sake.You'll find circuit breakers in your electrical box, and you may need to test more than one switch before you find the correct one.Double-check that the lights will not come on after you flip the switch.Have someone stand below and hold the ladder steady for you if you’re working with tall ceilings.

Remove the light bulb from the fixture and place it somewhere safe.

On a side note, if we were to do it again, we wouldn’t use the halogens.

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