Updating the sid for sas

If you continue to see one of the following two warnings within the initial Log window, then your license file has not been properly renewed/updated: WARNING: Your system is scheduled to expire on February 28, 2012, which is XX days from now.The SAS System will no longer function on or after that date.IF you require SAS for Administrative use*, please send an email to [email protected] we will put you in touch with our vendor rep to discuss licensing options.Admin use of the SAS software through our contract could result in fines &/or loss of the SAS license though OIT.

The "Folder for SAS config file" field will typically default to the correct path on the local c:\ drive of the system where you are running the Renew SAS Software utility, but you should verify the path and correct it if necessary.As the text at the top of the Renew SAS Software window indicates, there are two steps in renewing your SAS software: Click Next to advance through the steps.When you complete the license renewal process successfully, the SAS log displays a new SAS 9.2 8-digit site number, which is different from your site number for previous SAS versions.Note: The following information is intended as instruction for renewing licensing files on currently installed SAS software and is NOT intended as instruction for initial installation, upgrade, or re-installation of SAS software.

If the Renew SAS Software tool is not available on your Start menu, then Open Windows Explorer and go to this directory: c:\Program Files\SASFoundation\9.2\core\sasinst\sasrenew Double-click on to start the Renew SAS Software tool.

If you need to use this software exclusively for UMN related Teaching, Learning or Research AND you want to install it on a personally owned device, please change your Purchase Type (above) to There is also a FREE offering called SAS University Edition, please read information on the provided link for more information.

Updating the sid for sas comments

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