Updating trance

The code is scanned at all the main transport points and the current position and the most recently performed action is transmitted to the GLS system.This is important for the entire logistics coordination process.So if you haven’t done it before, or are unsure about what you’re doing, please take the time to read the instructions below and those included with the OS download before beginning.If you are still unsure about what you’re doing, please before attempting to update your instrument.How it works: Each parcel label includes a 2D barcode.It contains all the necessary parcel data, including the parcel number.

We all agree it looks pathetic having the first volume of such a series at the bottom but unfortunately the rule ATM is that.The downloadable file in the sidebar at the right contains the latest operating system for the Tempest.It also includes the installation instructions given below.Even if the recipient is not present at the time of the delivery attempt, the scanner still comes into operation.